December 23, 2008
A bolt, a shock
She had always tried to avoid your lot
A flow of tears you wouldn't stop.
You turned to go,
she finally broke.
She pushed, she tugged
Ready to do your every bidding.
She lost, you loved
Another over your scorned lover.
She cried when you lied.
All I could do was watch her die.
Her heart turned cold,
her soul as black as the night surrounding her.
She sold her life
for the ability to redeem herself.
Revenge, so sweet.
Blood like honey on her lips.
The boys, they swooned
The b****, she played
Oh how easily she gave herself away.
She drowned her screams
in her pillows, she gasped for breath.
A laugh, a sigh.
How had it all come to this?
A life, so cruel,
a debt, not paid.
In the end, she wanted to run away.
To leave behind, all she hated,
all she feared.
The shadows kept creeping
far too near.
Hide away from all her pain,
like she had tried to hide so well
the hurt she had inside.
No longer could she pretend
that someone was going to save her
from herself.
She had beaten herself down so far
it showed in all the scars.
For once she was unable to conceal
who she really was.
She finally found the strength
to go all the way.
And right before my eyes,
she faded from life.
I touch her cold, pale lips
and I realize, all this time
I've been watching my own life
in the mirror.

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