December 23, 2008
By peacenow17 SILVER, Auburn, New York
peacenow17 SILVER, Auburn, New York
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"Be yourself and never let anyone tell you otherwise" Andy Sixx

I hate you, I hate all of you
That gorgeous smile that caresses that perfect face
Every time you feel guilty, every time you make a mistake.
The way you think a wink of your deep eyes and a flower
Fix the wrong and the pain you've caused along the way.
Your selective intelligence that worked in the most mysterious ways
It was able to hold my conversation, look away at my feelings.
The warmth of an infinate embrace you gave
To mend the minor and frequent holes in the wall.
And the contour of two bodies seemingly built
As if made to only fit in one another's arms in those timeless embraces.
Sweet and cleansing scent of a forever friend one clings to
When once again they find themselves alone in the end.
This pathetic feeling in the depths of my drained heart
That screams into my buzzing brain, that truthfully I must confess.
The greatest of hate that this soul posess
Be not for you, but that it's impossible for me to hate you at all.

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