December 23, 2008
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If peace on earth were possible
would I help provide?
If I could see the future in my hands,
would I look inside?
If I love something,
would I give it up for someone I love?
If I could fly away from this earth,
would I go above?
If I could feel a friendship slipping away,
would I save it?
If I were losing the game we call life,
would I omit?
If everyone cared,
would the death rate decline?
If all were lost,
would I only think of mine?
If I didn’t like someone’s cover,
would I just throw them on the shelf.
If I could know how it feels to have a fathers love,
would I want it more than life itself?
If I could tell him how I feel,
would I get tongue-tied?
If I could know what will happen,
would I have ever lied?
If the light shines on me,
would I duck and hide?
If I could answer these questions,
maybe I could forget all the tears I’ve cried.

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