December 23, 2008
By SarahAlive GOLD, Coppell, Texas
SarahAlive GOLD, Coppell, Texas
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I will one day write a story building bridges across the sea.

Can you believe it?
What happened that day.
The thousands of people that passed away
Just like you and just like me
It doesn't seem like the way things should be
So much has happened to this strong-hearted country
From D-Day to wars to JFK
The OKC bombing was a similar dismay
Yet as time passed, these faded away
Now don't get me wrong, they're not forgotten
They just no longer leave our heads fallen
But one day will live on forever
Thanks to the men who thought they were so clever
September Eleventh 2001
A day on which a was fight begun
Not a fight against another
But a fight within for the strength to recover
A day meant for defeat by the power of hate
But God had in mind another fate
This day we grew, our hearts now show a brand
USA, In God We Trust and United We Stand

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