Gone but not forgotten

December 23, 2008
In this casket lies a man
That warms my heart like no one can
I walk outside to get away
From all the hurt and all the pain

I dont shed a tear because i have to be strong
Ive held it together all along
But God took Papaw and I wasnt ready
My eyes become blury, my balance unsteady

I think about those last few minutes with incredible ease
He struggle so hard just to breath
With his hand in mine he drifted away
And I let go not knowin what to say

I stared at my mom letting my eyes tell
What had just happened, but that she already knew well
She ran for me but i ran faster
Out the door and through his pasture

To his garden where he once told me
"Haley you can be whatever you want to be."

Now as i sit in this graveyard i watch a bird fly out of sight
And somehow i know God will make everything alright
He is gone but he is still with me
Every breath that i will ever breath

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