Number One

December 23, 2008
By Danielle Saliani SILVER, Astoria, New York
Danielle Saliani SILVER, Astoria, New York
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A crowded room
People pass
It feels like my first day
But sadly it's my last

A new world awaits me
And I can't wait
But something still irks me
It has to be fate

I'd like to move on
To get a fresh start
But yet I want to stay
To fill the pain in my heart

Memories surround me
As they slowly fade away
I guess I have no choice
Cause its almost Graduation Day

A bunch of jerks
Their words don't bother me
But a couple of boys
Made me the way I should be

I'll never forget them
For they have grown on me
But its time to move on
It's time for last goodbyes

On top of everything
I'll miss the feeling the most
But what we have to remember
As the day is even more close

The happy times
As well as the sad
We gotta all stop and think
Why even be mad?

We only have one life
Let's live it the way we want to
Cause as they days go by
You forget what you once knew

Promise you'll never forget me
Cause I'll never forget you
You don't know how much you've changed me
And for the better too

You opened my eyes
To a whole new dream
You opened my heart
Little Blue and Little Green

I must thank you
For all you have done
Maybe you won't appriciate it
But you'll always be my number one

The author's comments:
There is only one life we have. Some people take advatage of what others never had. I don't want to live my life boring anymore. And the two boys I spoke of whose codenames are Blue and Green, they opened me up to a new world of possiblities and after I graduate 8th grade I always want them to know how much they mean to me. I wrote this poem to express all that.

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