December 23, 2008
Everyday you wake up thinking it'll be better.

Because yesterday you messed up, you were told your supposed to be the example setter.

But you realize that as days go by it seems as though its some kind of curse.

Every year cancer kills and gasoline tanks barely fill.

The economy is bad and theres no where to turn.

You think maybe it'll get better, I'll just learn.

You stay up at night praying just to get through the next day alive.

2007 it started and never stopped, you just wish it could go back to 2005.

No one has the answers, so you feel theres no point to try.

You soon kneel down and cry.

I'm always the one to tell people keep your head up and be strong.

But what happens when I'm stuck with no answers just knowin everythings wrong.

Is it okay to know that you cannot fix this problem?

Sometimes answers can never be found, only in a dream, but this is reality now.

It's too sureal this world God put us in.

And to think we need to make something of this life, to be told we must win.

You can't help but to notice the waking thought always passing in your head, when will it end?

We do not have the answers or the solutions.

We must just look ahead and deal with the fact we cannot always find solutions.

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