Burned Memories

December 23, 2008
She sits and looks at all the pictures of them together
A single tear rolls down, trying to erase every memory of him. She can't hold it
In, she can't stop looking at him.
She misses him.
How can she get rid of him when everything reminds her of him
The tears pour down, erasing her memory, erasing her life,

She tears the pictures, she burns the memories,
Too many memories of the year,
Her fears her tears, all burn with the memories
As if the year didn't happen.

She looks at the burned memories, all the holes in her pictures.
Tears splash on the paper, trying to bring him back,
But he just slipped from her grasp without a warning,
She searches the woods, she searches the forest, in search of her
Favorite person.

She thought it was going well, she thought he loved her.
She misses his warm embrace, his warm escape,
You can't go back to covers when you have him there to hold you.
She didn't realize what was wrong, he hid it well,
She holds the burned memories close.

He slipped through her fingers, she couldn't catch him in time, as he ran off into the distance getting smaller and smaller with every tear.
He's too far to be reached, he's too close to be forgotten.
She will forever keep those burned memories close,
She can't get rid of them, she is still in love with him,
Those burned memories are all she has.

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Deszy6028 said...
Jan. 10, 2011 at 3:26 pm
this is really good I have felt the same way so I could relate to it. It was a really good poem and I'm glad I read it. Keep writing!
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