Mon amour

December 23, 2008
By Tara Kergon, Taunton, ZZ

I was swimming in the lake
Now I'm floating on the sea
Trying to resist the tides
As you're calling to me

You pulled me down the river
I remember every stone
Each brought me closer to you
Yet left me standing alone

I was doomed from the start
Since I looked in your eyes
All I can do is wonder who
Wants to play on the safe side

The current is far to strong
For me to turn back now
Giving up is impossible
I just wouldn't know how

I'm trying to keep my head up
And start treading the ocean
I'm drowning in your smile
Releasing so much emotion

You possess me like a goddess
My dreams contain only you
Baby I should be so lucky
I know they'll never come true

I can't deny the passion
As you're lighting up the stars
You're the one, so wow
There's no doubt who you are

And I'll float at sea forever
Breathing in your glamour
Your perfection stuns me for always
For always you'll stay mon amour

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