Goodbye To My Old Life

December 23, 2008
By Margaret Dubey BRONZE, Essex, Connecticut
Margaret Dubey BRONZE, Essex, Connecticut
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What is it about this night that makes me want to think,
About how hard these next few days are really going to be?
Tomorrow I leave for college,
a place so far from home,
In a place where I will know no one, so I’ll be all alone.
I won’t see high school friends,
for a least half a year,
No more work-free weekends,
Or shopping sprees around here.
I hope I won’t be miserable;
College should be a blast,
Late-night parties,
and midnight cram sessions,
Sure will be a laugh.
I will miss my childhood memories for-ever,
And cherish all those high school moments,
But it is time to move on and start a new life,
And the past, I’ll always remember.

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