Dirt to Diamonds

December 22, 2008
By Athena Lathos, Pleasanton, CA

Hating the skin I’m in
Repulsive sheath
I want to shed it like the green snake I am
And rid myself of its imperfection

That I should be flaws incarnate
While you live in a clear glass world
You see as they see
And not even one may disagree

Your fortune is without a doubt
And genes matched in harmony
Lucky you, faerie princess
That we all judge what we see

Doors will open for your face
And your contentment will stay steady
How would it not; a life so pristine
Opportunity at the ready?

How can one compare
A canvas in different shades
Of Gray
With a mural of brilliance, glamour,
Of Color
How can you compare
Dirt to Diamonds?

Can not you be kin to Midas
Alight your hand on my shoulder?
Grant me just a diminutive piece
Of quality
Turning rusted copper
Into gold?

No, you wouldn’t
And you shouldn’t
I’ll remain in hurt
If this is the way I’m to be
Than I surely must deserve it

We’ll both tread on separate paths
Through forests of thick trees
Yours light
Mine dark
That is how it shall be
The trees will open their branches for you
Leaving gaps where the sun
Filters through
My trees will wrap their tendrils together
Leaving my path dark, blocked

The gnawing question lingers
Are your thoughts profound?
Your eyes sparkle
Have they done so with tears?
Do you know in your perfection
Of the world’s disparity?
Of true-deep empathy?
You must be as a Grecian statue
They are still
Flawless; graceful
But do they think?
Do they dream?
Do they care?

I’ve tried to change
But my cocoon
Suffocates me
Until the hope of transformation
Has flown away
Like the butterfly
I could never be

I will grow
An older copy
A longer weed
As you will blossom
Into a flower more exquisite than ever before

You, Lady Fortune,
Will always be
A virtuous, pretty Queen
And I, the maid beneath your feet
Scrubbing your jewel-encrusted throne
In patient jealousy

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