December 25, 2008
By Melissa Joseph, Abington, MA

never a priority, left behind, a monotonous chore
it hurt
she put up a shield, built up a wall
to protect herself
it doesn't let anyone in
successfully keeping her trapped
unable to come out
her disposition suffers, ice cold and overpowering
nasty as it seems, it's what she's become
the wall of insecurities, although solid
is painfully transparent
allowing her to see, to witness the destructioini
all the people her storm of self pity has crushed
the compassion others have, the kindness she envies
its almost unbearable to watch, yet she can't help but see
stuck watching the movie she desparatly wishes she was in
yearning to change, she walks farther down the wrong path
making everything worse
until -crack!-, it crumbles
the restraint keeping her from the world
releases its venoumous hold
allowing the enemy army to surrender
and try to make ammends
only hoping the is given what she doesnt deserve

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