December 23, 2008
By Kelsey Murphy, Ivoryton, CT

The music starts my heart does pound
My feet tread nimbly on the ground.
Grande jeté and pirouettes
My legs aren’t the only things that leapt.

I twist and twirl on the box of my shoe
Making the audience believe the shows new.
I count the beats, now is the diminuendo
Four more counts until the crescendo.

Three more beats until my jump
The excitement rises in my throat like a lump.
Five changementes and then one grand
As I come down from the jump he grabs my hand.

We spin as one for two counts of eight
Then he lifts me high above his waist.
I stay still and rigid until the sixth beat,
Then he lowers me down and our hands do meet.

We turn to the audience and take a great bow
They all look awestruck; some even say “wow”.
We bow once more, this time to each other
We have great chemistry, but we can’t stand one another.

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