Winter Night

December 22, 2008
By Jessica Shahad, Carson, CA

Light as the day, dark as the night, my love for you is not in vain. all alone yet tears cannot rewrite the past. As the wind howls over the frosted mist from the land below, winter moon glows with bright love. sleet or silver tears. A thousand deaths sever across the palms of my soul. Without you I'm not ok. under the shining star-lit sky, the full moon casts a dark shadow across my reflection in the tides below. I am forever in the dust now that my heart has stopped beating. time is no longer still. time is no longer on my side. life has so little meaning without you here with me, by my side. a glitter of hope yearns to be freed from the wrath of my broken heart. come back to me, please. i need you. its so cold but i can't feel it. my heart is numb, my tears gone, i await for your return. someday... hope we can still be. forever.

The author's comments:
well, my wonderful boyfriend went to Washington state for christmas. i miss him like hell. to express my deep feelings for him i began to write poems. i hope you guys like it.

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