You just left me there

December 5, 2008
By Paula Dolores Cienega, Weatherford, TX

The time apart was enough
The time apart split me up,
Between love and hate,
You came between them,
You were the one that changed,
You didn’t only change yourself, but you changed me.
Everything I could have been,
Everything I wanted,
It was all there you were the one,
Who made me give it up.
You never cared,
You never said goodbye,
You just left me there.
Alone and empty,
With no hope inside,
Just me, by myself,
With no one to hold.
Just me and my broken heart.
I can’t believe you, how could you,
You never did care did you?
I can tell you didn’t because,
you just left me there!
All by myself.

The author's comments:
So, I'm a pretty private person, so when i started writing it was a way of getting everything out instead on having to suck it up and bottle it up, like most of us do. I have clinical depression, so anything to help get my demons out was a great thing for me. This piece was written because I let my heart open up and it got scarred but thankfully that healed up. The same person who hurt it was the only one that could heal it. Wierd but true. Well in the end we are now together and have been happy for four months. It's funny when you say i will never go back because you known there is something that has you tied to that thing or that person, whether it be that someone special gave something to you or you gave someone something special. Either way remember that the world keeps going and so should you.

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This article has 2 comments.

on May. 7 2009 at 8:41 pm
Ciararad BRONZE, Weatherford, Texas
3 articles 0 photos 4 comments
i love this lady! it's so beautiful, heartfelt, and true. this is intensity at its best. =)

mang9believe said...
on Jan. 5 2009 at 2:14 am
Your a very talented writer and you write with a connection to an experience alot of girls have. Ha well.. at least me and you. It is very well written and set up. ;D


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