December 19, 2008
By Jessica Joldersma, Cedar Springs, MI

You've got that edge

But it's bigger than that,

Much more large then the burnt red cliffs of the Grand Canyon

You loom over me

Some shadow that sucks away air

Till my lungs fall and hit each other,

Some brutal, native dance, they sing

Beg for hope, for future, for strength

Strength deserved, but hard to conquer

I picture myself a child,

Standing up to you with two small fists

Small, I am made against you

I push you, spit at you, call you names that

To someone as small as me would hurt

But you, you smirk

Stand smug because you know

You've got that edge

All the power lay in your hands

And I sit at your feet defenseless

I think stupid, stupid me

Fight harder

Scream louder

Use that brain of yours

Or are you that stupid, stupid I?

I thought years ago, you'd had beat this monster

I thought I had beat…you

In some way

Overcome the threat of you

The dirt that you had painted on me

I thought it to be washed away,

By my clean hands

Innocent hands

Instead now I see myself staring up the edge of a cliff

But someday

Someday I will learn to climb.

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