Little Silly Sally Sue

December 19, 2008
Little Silly Sally Sue was playing with her mommy’s shoe
she saw the pretty colors; pink, red, and blue
but Little Silly Sally Sue wondered what these shoes would do
so she tried them on: the pink, the red, and the blue
Little Silly Sally Sue liked the red shoe
that was her favorite so she went for a walk
and decided she wanted to walk to go buy a smock
Little Silly Sally Sue loved to paint too
so she went home and with pretty paints; the red, green, and blue
and made a beautiful picture of her mom wearing the pretty red shoe
when her mom came home from work that day
Little Silly Sally Sue told her mom she had a present and had to say
Surprise, I made you a picture for Mother’s Day
Her mom was so happy she had tears in her eyes
and thanked her daughter for the lovely surprise.

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