Sense of Sound

December 18, 2008
By lyrn2200 GOLD, Norfolk, Virginia
lyrn2200 GOLD, Norfolk, Virginia
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The rhythmic beat
The tapping feet
Halfway down 17th Street
We feel it like static cling
Melody is the current
Through the wires of musical exchange
With notes rearranged
Harmony is the key
To the locks of rhythmic perfection
Our ears the detection
Of such suspension in tones
Out we float into the great unknowns
No computers, no TV’s, no phones
Just music

My friends sit in waiting
Hearts pulsing, teeth grating
Feet shuffling, hips gyrating
For the burst of sound
That shakes the ground
And all resound:
“Feel the Bass, Calm and Steady”
Boom! Boom! Boom!
Oh the love of it all
Keep it close, never fall
Away it sways and rolls back again
You forget reality now and then
In the riverboat, you turn a bend
Tribal chieftain’s yell echoes like thunder
Hit the rapids, you flip and go under
Rushing; floating away in a bliss
Such a silent bliss
And you return!

Shocked and soothed
See it all; all of them
3rd cousin, twice removed
Unsure of your footing
Yet you keep on dancing
See it all; all of them
Many lovers romancing
Playing children prancing
Tight-panted men boasting
Crackle ‘n’ pop of marshmallows roasting
Family’s wedding, your father toasting
So loud, so proud
So musical

Hellfires burn in your heart
Music stops
Play it back, end to start
Joyfully, it is back again
Who’d of thought that it was this easy
To live
To laugh
To love
To feel
Feel the rhythm, the harmony
The flawlessness and simplicity every step of the way
Feel the music

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on May. 30 2010 at 12:48 pm
LaughingGirl GOLD, Ocala, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
Play the music not the instrument. -Author Unknown

I like this poem a lot!


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