Island of Dreams

December 18, 2008
By lyrn2200 GOLD, Norfolk, Virginia
lyrn2200 GOLD, Norfolk, Virginia
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Sun rays gleaming on precious days,
Sailboats shoot up ocean sprays.
Golden sands and island greens,
Found on my Island of Dreams.

Parrots caw in the tall palm trees,
Better days than the bird ‘n’ the bees.
No tears, no famine, no disease,
On my Island of Dreams

Melodies after hours,
No hard days, no need for cold showers.
No governments or super-powers,
On my Island of Dreams

Free birds sing songs of hope,
No religions, no priest or pope.
Subtle sighs with loving eyes,
On my Island of Dreams

Only if it were reality,
A quiet place for you and me.
Yet it’s only in my head,
My Island of Dreams

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