Help Me See

December 18, 2008
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Help me see, when I am blind
Who I’m meant to be, and meant to find.
You make me weak, and warm in the night
Kiss my cheek, hold me tight.
Your love will find, in the darkest place
My wistful mind and smiling face.
Golden ring strung up in the sky
While angels sing, and bluebirds fly.
A heavenly bliss of colorful rugs
How I miss your kiss, like addictive drugs.
Your eyes so bright, glowing with life
Into endless night, without pain or strife.
In bursting flows, and majestic awe
The winter snows I never saw.
Pelting our heads like seeds from the trees
Love so destructive, a contagious disease.
Wrinkle in the seams, tear in the thread
Lie down and dream in your queen sized bed.
In your thoughts, hold me close
For I have fought against your comatose.
With every last drop of strength in my soul
I’ll hold on and won’t stop, until we grow old.

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