The Splurge

December 18, 2008
By Jennifer Yoon, Coquitlam, ZZ

Once Upon a time,
there was a queen.
She was locked up in a tower
by a very wise wizard
who decided to lock her up

W ould she have spent
all of the kingdom’s money
on fancy clothes and food
if she were free to roam
around all she wants ?

Despite the efforts of the wizard,
the queen,
who had a brain
just a tiny bit bigger than a bird’s ,
found out how to break herself
out of the tower.

All she had to do
was break the glass marble.
However, there was one thing
that was separating from the glass marble :
a huge barrier made out of brick.
The queen knew she was going to have trouble
getting over the barrier,
but she was going mad.

She needed new clothes.
Her “ragged” velvet dress
was not enough anymore.

Like a wild animal,
she flung herself to the barrier
and tried to break it,
but it was no use.

And so she just sat there,
staring blankly into the wall,
trying to find a way to get over the barrier.

“Get over the barrier!” she thought .
A utomatically, she stuck herself like a spider
and started climbing over the wall,
thinking excitedly, “I’m doing it! I’m doing it!”

As soon as she was well over the barrier,
she took the crystal ball and
mercilessly shoved it into the ground .

It shattered at once,
and a door appeared out of nowhere
and opened in front of her .

She ran through it anxiously,
and found herself at the comfort
of her magnificent castle.

She demanded her crown back from her son,
and as soon as she got it back,
she splurged completely,
as was predicted,
on unnecessary luxuries,
and her subjects lived forever in poverty.

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This article has 1 comment.

on Jan. 24 2009 at 11:51 pm
This is a silly little story, I like it


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