December 18, 2008
Always searching.
High and low,
And places in between.
Seeking someone new.
Someone I am able to call my own.
To love, to hold,
Share secrets untold.
I want a love that is pure,
That is true.
Always searching.
For someone like you.
I looked high and I looked low,
And in the places in between.
Soon I found,
That I have searched everywhere,
But in my heart.
You were soon discovered,
Waiting to hold my lonely spirit,
You became someone that I called my own.
I loved, I held,
Shared secrets untold.
Our love,
Mine and yours,
It’s pure,
It’s true.
Always searching,
For someone like you.

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AngRiv9990 said...
Jan. 19, 2011 at 6:06 pm
I like this a lot, it has a good rhythm and a story.  ;)
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