December 18, 2008
By Heather Levinson, Covina, CA

In the beginning it was considered lust
Nothing more than just a crush
Minor words of flirtation
Did everything to increase the temptation
It wasn’t long after words became an action
This soon enhanced the attraction
The feeling was something unknown
With the craving to make it shown
It’s an aching that lurks deep within our veins
It’s a feeling that most words are unable to explain
It’s a power that makes your body lose control
It’s a mystery unsolved but make your heart feel full
It’s an element that is indescribable
It’s a thought in your mind that’s uncontrollable
It’s a challenge that the world takes for granted
It’s a passion deep in your core that needs to be chanted
So in the end the lust was still existent
But the passion became persistent
A few thoughts lurk deep in my mentality
And what I desire, I hope to become a reality
I know what I feel is true
And what I wish to say is I love you

The author's comments:
I write all of my poetry about things that happen in my life, whether they are good or bad. This one I wrote for my boyfriend, Eddie. This was my way of telling him I loved him for the first time.

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