December 18, 2008
By Anonymous

A daughter, born from miracles
The fifth of my father, first of my mother
A strong silhouette, a shadow of my creators
The girl, with a broken spirit
The baby sister, far in distance but close in heart
Without family, I would feel bare
My respect lies, with those who have truly experienced life
Death and divorce can not, destroy me
Memories of loss replay in my mind, a Divine power taking friends
With my inner strength, I become self fulfilled
When it comes to friendship I am your best friend, you can trust me with your secrets
I am kindhearted, with this trait I have chosen a nursing career
My selflessness, allows me to volunteer my time within this vocation
Many creatures fill my home, completing my compassionate side
Stuii, the four cylinder silver chariot of my choosing, entitles me to freedom
With this freedom and knowledge, I am prepared for the days yet to come
You can find my life story, in the music I listen to
I work behind the camera, photography is my passion
Graceful, is something I’ve yet to become
I am Kara Michele, no one else

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