Time's Aging

December 18, 2008
By Michael Moreau, Columbia, MO

From years past to years present
The days edge on, without life's consent
Each person trudges, through from day to day
Feeling how they like, and speaking the things they have to say
Not knowing the outcome, nor the deed, the simply talk on, filled with heartless greed
Life trudges on, with the power of horses one-thousand fold, people experience life, the new and the old.
Life drags on, from the past to the present, leaving feelings of love, hatred, and resent.
Those who drug, those who walk,
grow older now, and find the power to talk.
With new power aquired, the once might now fall
Their false egos and ideals, now all retired.
They tried to speak, have a word is what matters, but after this time, they could only blather.
With their weakness so found, and the fate sealed and sound.
The tables have reversed, throughout the Earth.
These people, once the almighty in their realm, are now lead, with, their servants at the helm.
Though all has changed, all that is loved stays still. Keeping life going, until all get their fill.

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