About This Messed Up Thing Called Life

December 18, 2008
By Domonique Gay, Upper Marlboro, MD

Goes by so fast, but you swear it's slow.
The years drag by, But you dont know.
That your life is ending every minute.
With you horrid habits, might as well be finished.

Every one tells you to be careful,
But your the invincible one, nothing ever happens thats terrible.
And, I'm here to tell you thats not the case,
Nobody's perfect, and life's something you dont want to waste.

And there are those whose life is what we called messed up.
People tell you you're fine, but you want to give up.
Its not that we're born this way,
But there is just so much hatred a person can take.

They send you to shrinks, they send you to homes,
They send you to people that you've never known.
They promise you that you'll be fine.
But you're stuck there waiting, trying to pass the time.

And there are those, who are the leader of the pack,
Popular, with the most friends who stab them in the back.

They connive and talk about you like a dog.
I'd rather be a friendless loser than the ruler of them all.
But you crave for your glory, you just have to be on top,
You don't listen to your real friends when they beg of you to stop.

You climb and claw and step on others in your way,
And thats why no one really likes you to this day.
And there are those, who choose to be themselves,
Haters all around you, like fire is in hell,

But you pay them no attention, and just go about your day,
Knowing that being yourself, will pay off somehow some way.
And you're willing to wait, for your more patient than the rest,
You stay cool when people try to put you to the test,

You know you will make it through in all of your strife,
That's why your the alpha dogs, in this messed up thing called life.

The author's comments:
When I was writing this I was focused on getting the words on the page before I lost it all. But, I think it turned out pretty well.

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