Growing Fast

December 18, 2008
By Mark Won, Columbia, MO

In my fathers study
In the corner where no one visits
I found a little old dusty book.

I blow the dust off it
and I look into it, where I see a fat little baby.

'Who the heck is this?' I think.
I ask my mom, who starts to laugh.
"That is you my son," she says.

"She's gotta be kidding me," I said.
However, the strange baby
had the same nose shape
had the same eyes
and had even the same birthmarks!

When have I grown so much?
It felt like yesterday
that I played with Barney dolls.

I close my eyes,
a sudden flashback overcomes me.

A time when I have creid for losing my doll.
A time when I thought power-rangers were the worlds best celebrity.

Then, I open my eyes and I think 'Yup. I've grown'

I close the book,
put the book back where it was.

I grin,
Knowing that another day in the future,
I will be surprised by how much I've grown.

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