Daily Routine: Nine O'clock in the Morning

December 18, 2008
By Mark Won, Columbia, MO

When nine o'clock arrives
Everything becomes chaos
Brush my teeth
Brush my hair

Pack my bags
Pack my lunch
Eat my bread
Eat my bacon

Uh-oh! Hear comes the yellow bus
Over the little hill
My mom screaming
"Hear it comes! Run!"

I grab my bags
I grab my luch
I open the door
And I run.

Through the morning air
Through the morning sunlight
I make it on the bus
With the door closing right behind me.

With a sudden relief
I pick my spot
I say hi to my friends
I say hi to the bus driver

But one thing I never forget is
Giving my mom the waving goodbye
It it wasn't for her
I would never have made it.

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