December 18, 2008
By Chloe Nevitt, East Hanover, NJ

Where do I have left to go?
I try to turn away
But I hear you cry out, No.

What do you want?
I plead. And tears run.
I pull away, from his eyes; gaunt.

I’ll kill myself.
Threatens in my ear.
My heart I leave on the shelf…

Wrap my arms around It.
Body shaking, I say I’m cold.
Spits, I don’t give a ***

Walking away, laugh.
I grab my heart, finally.
And discover my other half

Warm leather jacket,
Familiar smells.
What was that racket?

My stomach knot
I look up through lashes,
Don’t worry, I already forgot.

The author's comments:
Never forget who you are for somebody else.

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