Those Brown Eyes

December 18, 2008
For those who are scared
And those who do not see
Those brown eyes will watch you and me
They know it all
Been through all
Seen the danger
They could tell stories
Of the pain, the party and the truth
It’s not what you hoped
No, not a fairytale ending
She hit the floor; those brown eyes wide open

In the morning light
Strewn upon the ground
Laying there
A strand of loosened hair
Upon her cheek the smile gone away
Those brown eyes staring
For the happy ending

No one can deny
She lived the youth
The envy of the party
She had the guy
The looks too
But those brown eyes
Hid more to me than you

I’d turn back time
Hope for more
To look into those brown eyes
To tell her she was loved
Open her up and let her soar
With the light
In those brown eyes

Sadly no, she’s lost forever
The last glass of whiskey
Cracked on table
The gunshot wound
The blood red carpet stains
No longer the smile
That hides it all
But those brown eyes
Could have told me
Sunday morning, the body was found
The cries the tears the sorrow hung away
A note lay in her hand
The gun on her head

Tell them I’m sorry
I couldn’t hold back
It’s what I need
To be happy again
Don’t be sad
Love, Judie

Those written words were scribbled
The trigger was pulled
She hit the floor; those brown eyes wide open

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