Candy From a Baby

December 18, 2008
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Hey there, Auntie.
Look, watch me
b r e a k.
I’ve come
here just for you.

Yes --
we’ll slip in
a new movie,
as my life falls apart.
Words that are
on too much temptation --
what is this that you

My trusting eyes gaze
at the tube in astonished
Two dials I have never
yet turned before --
of mine reach out
for newfound
I want to change
the channel, though,
to escape this terror.
Your mind creeps
I smell confusion
on your breath. You
of stupid mistakes
and the desire to
candy from a baby.

Now you speak.
your reservations
and unbutton your
No choice do
I have but to
o b e y.

Hands grope thoughts
never yet pondered --


of a little boy.
Will, now, I
know that love
is not just a word simply
These minutes feel
like hours now.
hours have passed
since that first
sigh. Now you
lay conked out --

my conked out --

is much more severe.

((("unzip your reservations and unbutton your will" was, originally, set as being italicized to show a different voice. please include that. thank you!)))

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chadmorelock said...
Jan. 6, 2009 at 4:42 pm
This is my favorite! Loved it. I think it's complete in every way. Although some might argue that it needs some tweeking. I don't think so at all. Every line in this poem is amazing actually. You are a really good poet Chad.
TheAuthor (crich897) said...
Jan. 2, 2009 at 10:29 pm
This is a poem that I wrote during second period one day - daydreaming about a day many years past. Well - daymaring, rather; I suppose.
A couple of notes: "Unzip your reservations and unbutton your will," was supposed to be set to italics to show a change in character voice. Also, in the first stanza, there should not be an extra line break after "you". The first stanza should continue on into "Yes -"
Guess that's about it. Comments and construct... (more »)
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