Too Late

December 18, 2008
You ask me why I love you
You ask me why I care.
I wasn’t being fair, and never told you why.
So now this is my time.
You’re sweet and caring
But I’ve told you that.
You’re always the last one standing there with me.
And you never give up on me.
When I’m down you pick me up.
And try your hardest not to let me get hurt.
You support me 110%
And constantly encourage me to do better.
Your understanding, and know I have my faults
But love me for them anyways.
You’ve made me like myself more
And accept my imperfections.
You have boosted my confidence more than you even know.
I fell for you because I knew you weren’t like every other guy
But now, it’s too late.
You’ll never get to hear why I loved you.
Because, now you’re long gone.

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