December 18, 2008
I am running…

My heart beats fiercely in my ear,

Sweat falls from my face,

Have to escape this fear,

Have to escape this place,

I don't know where I am running,

I just have to get away,

Tears make my vision blurry,

Nothing is okay,

Leaving the past behind me,

I am running…

Leaving emotion behind,

Escaping the tragedy,

Erasing the thoughts in my mind,

I will finally be free,

I will no longer fake the smile,

I have learned to act so well,

No one could see the tears I cry,

But I no longer dwell,

I will no longer live that lie,

I am running…

From the graves in my nightmares,

That come true,

Everyone stands still, no one cares,

The shadow I escape to,

My heart slows to a steady beat,

As I hear your footsteps running after me,

You climbed the walls that guard my heart,

My tears you finally see,

You speak two words---lets restart….

I am running…

An you are there beside me,

Together we will defeat pain,

Together we will break free,

Together we will forever be.

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Sam<3 said...
Jan. 6, 2009 at 5:04 pm
OMG! KRISTEN! i love the poem so much =]] your too cocky though
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