December 18, 2008
Please God if you're out there take mercy on my wretched soul

Today I was so agonized
I curled around my chest and sobbed
For twenty minutes, til my sister came home
I didn't breathe a word of it to anyone
Just scrambled to the bathroom and washed my face
Redid the mascara that I had cried off
And then I didn't whimper again
Later I ran through the sleet
That fell to the earth like angels
The icy shards stung my face where they hit
But it felt so very good I had to laugh
And the cold numbed my skin so beautifully
That I never wanted to go back inside
Adrenaline and vengeance patched me up
And restored some of my former defiance
So if the whole world really is against me
At least for now I'm strong enough to face it

Please if there is anyone out there bestow unto me endurance

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