Once Upon a Time...

December 18, 2008
By Kirsty Clark BRONZE, Derby, Other
Kirsty Clark BRONZE, Derby, Other
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'Cause once upon a time,
I was far too quiet, too shy
But then I met you,
You stopped the tears that I'ld Cry

You Showed me how to smile,
And became my best friend
You made me laugh,
With all the times we'd spend

And though you may think,
That you were the death of me
You gave me back my life,
And that is easy to see

And then came that day,
We shared Our First kiss
I Was Alive again,
You made me like this

So together We Stood,
Out In The Cold night rain
Holding On to each other,
Distorying All the pain

Baby I'll Never Let You Go,
I'll Never let this fade
I could never forget the love,
And the memories We've Made

And Now a month on,
We're Still Goin Strong
Holding On tight,
Singing Our song...

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem shortly after me and my boyfriend celebrated our first month together. I wanted to show everyone how much i love him, and despite all the comments we've had towards our age difference (3 years) We've Proved them all wrong. I Remeber The day we Got together so well, standing in the rain, sharing our first kiss. Nobody thought it wold last long just another "teenage Love" but we're Determinded to prove them wrong. I Love this boy so much, nobody reading this will ever understand...

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