Suffocating Love

December 18, 2008
Even if you told me
That you loved me
A hundred thousand times
I still wouldn’t believe you.
You’d stand there
Looking me up and down
Wondering how
It could come to this
And I’d tell you
That your face looks
Like it has never shed a tear
And you tell me that
You couldn’t bear a second
Without me.

And this time it’s the end
The end of this mess
The vacuum of your deceit
Has sucked it all away

I don’t believe you for one minute
I just stare at you
With sad red eyes and blotchy skin
Waiting for your arms
To embrace this pain
That I’ve become
But you look away
When our eyes meet
Your cologne cannot cover up
The stench of your cowardice
If this love was really never ending
We wouldn’t be playing this game
Seeing you is the least of my desires
You can’t make my heart beat faster anymore

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