Dear Mom and Dad,

December 18, 2008
By Lauren Bell, Sedan, KS

When I was born, you welcomed me in to this world with an older sister to always watch over me.
When I was one, you were thrilled when I could start talking.
When I was two, you game me a little brother to be my best friend.
When I was three, you held my hand to make sure I walked on a straight line.
When I was four, you took me to preschool so I could make friends.
When I was five, you started my education. Little did you know one day I would end up that the University of Kansas.
Mom, when I was six, you took me to my very fist Girl Scout meeting.
When I was seven, you started me in soccer.
When I was eight, you were in the front when my love of theatre began.
Dad, when I was nine you were there on so many field trips living the adventure with me.
When I was ten, you took me to Disney Land where all kids’ dreams come true.
When I was eleven, you drove me to my first day of Middle School.
When I was twelve, you moved me to the middle of the country because you thought it was the best for me.
When I was thirteen you went to every single one of my softball games, always cheering.
When I was fourteen, you let me go off into the real world of high school.
When I was fifteen you were in the front row of my first high school play.
When I was sixteen, you were always there for me when I came home crying.

Now I'm seventeen. Mom and Dad you have always been there for me, through everything. I'm graduating this year; you won’t be there for everything that happens in my life. I'm scared, and you know it. I know you will only be a phone call away. But it will feel like a million miles. Mom, you have held my hand for seventeen years and kept me on a straight line. I did veer off course for a while but you always brought me back. Dad, you have been my best friend through everything. I'm so lucky to have parents like you. I love you so much.

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