The Reluctant Voyager

December 18, 2008
By Emily Folsom, Auburn, ME

In a world
Of boundless hopes
A child treads
The path of life
Entranced by infinte sights
Entertainted by simple pursuits
She dances
A top a hill
Only to find
Below her
Numerous paths
Twist and crawl
Across the stretch
Of adolescence
She trips head long
Onto a treacherous path
Marked with faults
And gaps
That leave her hanging
She is forced
To look at every detail
And scrutinize
Her every step
As the ever daunting
Mountain of adulthood
Looms on the horizon
She cries out
As she sees things
That don't exist
She finds herself
At the base
Of the rest of her life
And struggles on
Searching for answers
To questions
She never wanted to ask
In the first place

The author's comments:
The decisions facing every teen in the years before adulthood are terrifying. I can't bring myself to make the decisions I need to... I just feel sometimes like I was forced into this process unwillingly, and that I have no choice but to co-operate.

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