An Ode to S.D.

December 18, 2008
By Malorie Partida, San Diego, CA

San Diego living is as hard as balancing on a wire,
but for some reason, people have the desire
to live here.
Breathing in pollution,
Driving in traffic,
Evacuating from homes,
Paying large amounts of rent.
Going in the box, going out of the box.
Going to the table, going out of the table.
Fashion Valley, Mission Valley, Blossom Valley.
Ocean Beach, Pacific Beach, Mission Beach, Imperial Beach.
North Side, East Side, West Side, South Side.
San Diego is the armpit of California.
It is smelly, unsanitary, and sometimes feels like a sauna.
But every now and then, I look around and realize that,
the beaches, the bays, buggies, and baja
are my home.
I am a San Diegan.

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