I'm Blowing You Off

December 18, 2008
By Hannah Rawls, Okawville, IL

I wish I could tell you how I feel.
I wish I had the courage to tell you,
What I really think of you.
It’s like your goal in life is to put me down.
What did I do?
You say I’m smart,
But when I do badly you rub it in.
You say you want to hang out
And I tell you I can’t.
You tell me I’m always too busy.
But really I’m not,
I just don’t want to hang out with you.
I have never felt so much dislike for one person,
Until I met you.
When I’m around you,
You make me feel inadequate.
Like I don’t deserve to be around you.
You talk about my mom like she’s horrible.
When really she’s a good parent.
I should talk about how bad your parents are.
You don’t have any rules,
But you think that is good.
Maybe if you did you would be different.
I don’t have a job,
So what!
Just because I don’t deliver pizzas or fold clothes,
Doesn’t mean I don’t know how to work.
There is a reason why I’m not working,
But I’ll never tell you why.
I’m sorry that my parents can afford brand name clothes.
Just because I wear them doesn’t mean,
You have to talk bad about them.
Guess what!
I hate the Ninja Turtles,
High school seniors shouldn’t watch kids cartoons.
No one is going to steal your boyfriend.
Everyone knows he is yours.
She would never try to take you from him,
She doesn’t even like him like that.
Volunteering is work.
You don’t know what it is like,
To be yelled at for mistakes you didn’t even make.
Oh, we should have a study party huh?
You can’t help me when you really don’t understand.
Please stop acting like you know what is going on,
When you really don’t.
I can’t help that I made new friends.
And if I hear one more thing about your car,
I might rip my hair out.
Nobody cares what you are doing to it
Or even what it looks like.
I don’t want to go on a road trip with you.
So the next time you ask to come over and I say no.
I just want you to know,
I’m blowing you off.

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