That Pretty Brunette from gym

December 18, 2008
By Andrea Ilgen, Lyndon Station, WI

I see you standing there
Your hands in your pockets
Looking out at the world as if you don’t care

I see you turn your head to look at someone
I watch you with a steady eye to see who it is that has caught your eye
And then I see her

That pretty brunette from gym

You told me before that you never liked her, that you were only “friends”
That nothing ever happened between you
But between you and me, I think you lied

All for that pretty brunette from gym

You looked away from her and saw me standing there
Out in front of the school, waiting for you to come to me
You saw the look on my face and turned away

All for that pretty brunette from gym

You tried to catch me in the hallways, but she was always there
She never left you alone, never left your side
So how was I to supposed to tell you the way I felt inside

How was I supposed to feel when you left me for her?
I knew it was coming, I just knew it
I knew you would leave me, and find someone new
You left me for her

That stupid brunette from gym

You called me after school, and told me that we needed to talk
I picked up the phone, heard your voice and hung up
I didn’t want to talk to the boy who ditched me

All for that stupid brunette in gym

I saw you in school the next day, and you walked up to me
You actually had the nerve to come up to me after all you had put me through
I tried to walk away, to run, but I couldn’t

I didn’t want to talk to you, but you wouldn’t listen
You took me to a bench, and told me that you had something to tell me
I thought to myself “Oh, great here it comes. He’s finally going to break up with me.”
Before you could say anything, I spoke
“How could you leave me? After all we’ve been through?
How could you leave me for her?”
Then you spoke
“For who?”

For that stupid brunette from gym

He told me to listen and to hear him out
I didn’t want to stay and listen but did anyway
He told me who she really was and every little detail about her

As if I cared who she was
She had stolen my man, and I was out for revenge
But then he said three words, three little words, that I will never forget

He said “I love you”
I felt my heart skip a beat and my breath catch
He loved me? Really?

Why would he choose me over that brunette from gym?
She helped him figure out who he really wanted to be with
And that girl was me

So, thanks
To that pretty brunette from gym

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