Ahh, Fridays. ♥

December 18, 2008
So, here I am, at my desk,
I have nothing left to say.
I just listen to the tick tock tick
and wait for the end of the day.

After four years of this silliness,
you’d think I’d become immune
to jock deodorant, a***, smelly feet,
and slutty girl perfume.

God, the day keeps dragging on,
this really isn’t fair.
I want this day to be over and done
so I can return to my lair.

Once there, I’ll lie my heavy head down
and start my little nap,
when, just then, the worst occurs,
and I’m awaked by a tap.

I’ve woken up by my mom
who says, it’s time for school,
I look at the clock: 6AM,
AUGH I’m such a fool!

The day hasn’t started and I wish it was done,
this is gunna be a long one,
but I know, once night comes again,
I’ll be with my friends and have fun.

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