Time can wait

December 18, 2008
Before I knew you're name I loved thee.
For as long as I could remember all things could wait
To delay I would never hesitate.
Together the days grew long, my aspirations would twist and change.
No longer golden but something more mundane.
You became a part of me.

You were the slouch in my chair , the drag in my feet
Then people with their “concerns” began to interfere,
doubting my feelings were sincere.
Then came the practised lectures about taking “control”.
I wonder how many others found those things as dull
Still for you my heart did beat.

With you all my desires where just a day dream.
They called you “dawdling” your far uglier name,
Yet I nurtured you all the same.
But soon I groomed my hair in tidier stranger ways.
I would get lost in my work sometimes for entire days.
Time that awful fiend.

We drifted so far apart, without argument or delegation.
You drowned amongst a sea of deadlines and assignments,
Murdered in those cubical confinements.
Now I am a far more server practical productive man.
Still my mind wanders and I remember you when I can.
The days when I courted fair procrastination.

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