interview with death

December 18, 2008
I have no need for sleep
I watch you night and day
Until the time is right and then I carry you away
I can come in many forms, such as a pill, or knife, or gun.
And many have tried to fend me of but every time I've won.
My face is a haunting mask,of narrow bleached white bone
My eyes are hollow sockets and I wear nothing but black alone.
I have no need for breath.
I know not hunger nor tasted pain,
I have not felt the heat of the sun or experienced th coolness of rain.
My job can get quite lonely and I sometimes wish for more,
For cutting threads of life is such a boring chore.
Your weak and mortal bodies fall prey to decay and rot
For immortality is somrthing that simply can't be bought
Your life is but a vapor, a dust mote in th wind, a cooling mist inside a cloud that ends as it begins.
Your years upon this earth can be worthless or sublime, either way they're just a stitch in the tapestry of time.
But at an appointed moment the Almighty God will send,
His one and only Son to earth and then I too shall end.

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EdytD said...
May 10, 2009 at 2:34 am
I like this! I like how you narrate the part of the being who carries death. If you want to take a look, one of my poems (the demon of death) has a similar theme from a dying person's point of view.
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