The Day that Will Never Come

December 18, 2008
He stands outside
looking into the darkness of the night.
He closes his eyes and wonders why.
Why did the world turn grey?
Why did everyone just turn away
from the beautiful colors of the sun?
Then he waits and waits
for the day that will never come.

He opens his eyes again
and looks up to see the stars.
Little does he know
it’s only a black hole.
He looks to the sky no longer
and finds out he’s the only one
who is waiting
for the day that will never come.

He walks beside the rubble
of the city that once was.
He comes across a picture
of a family that used to see the sun.
Their bright smiles and their colorful clothes
now lay down on the broken floor.
Now he starts to run,
chasing the day that will never come.

He races across destruction
hoping to see some life;
knowing that no longer
will he see his child and wife.
Why have they gone away
from the world that has no sun?
Maybe they have found
the day he thought would never come.

He darts through the night’s silence
traveling at the speed of sound
hoping that the beautiful sun
might just come around.
But the voice inside his head
tells him otherwise.
It says “just give up, you know you’ll never find
the day that will never come.”

He can take this no longer
and he falls straight to the ground.
As he cries, he closes his eyes
and realizes he is done.
He can’t change the past
but the future is still to come.
He looks to the sky and screams
“Where is the day that I hope to come?

What did I do to deserve this?
Why am I the only one?
My questions, they’re unanswered,
Where the HELL is there a gun?”
He looks around
and that’s what he found.
He doesn’t know, that when his life is done
then he will never see the sun.

Just as he puts the gun to his head
he looks to the sky once again.
Of all things he could have seen,
he thought he saw the sun.
He puts the pistol down and looks around.
Has what he’s looking for just been found?
A beam of light shines so bright and carries him to the clouds.
The day that will never come had just come around.

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