December 18, 2008
By tyler jackson, Cincinnati, OH

Don't no witch way to go
up down left or right
to stay in the past
or live in the future
to stay in the dazes
or come to my since s
to block off the past or let it shine threw
to work through my pains
or just try to throw them away
to tell the truth or it take it to my grave
I don't no who I am or what I wanna be
or even who I am to myself or who I'm supposed to be
I just want to be in good with the Gods and just lock all the demons away
and all the lies they tell and all the people they have hurt
or will hurt or plan to hurt
I just want to run away to a new never land
were the sweet sound of laughter and peace never ends
I know this is a place I can never be but just to wish
I had a place like that just to look forward to is good enough for me
I no I do a lot I know I play my part but something is missing from me
something or...someone is incomplete
I'm not fully together
I wish I could go back and delay those days
delay those days to another day
a day that I was never seen of or heard from I wish
I could have been numb,
numb to the pain
numb to the silence
numb to the tears it brought when no one was looking
numb to the dreams it brought
numb to the thoughts that my past will always have a broken link in it
no matter what anybody say
it will always nag at my mind that those thoughts are here to stay
and that they will never
be able to fade into the back ground.

The author's comments:
when i wrote this i was very literly numb about the problems that was going in my life so i just let it all out on paper

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