The silent pain of another womens cry's

December 18, 2008
By Tyler jackson, Cincinnati, OH

Wind,rain,snow fall
no feeling at all.
Don't no what to think about
just want to sit and pout or scream and shout
and get all the fearness and frustration out.
Expression is my way to feel .
It's loud and I just cant keep it concealed.
It's like I just want to be seen and heard without being called obs sered.
With this pain I feel for no reason,it's like
a pain that is fake but I want to be real.
But something is incomplete something or....someone isn't their.
It's like I want to have someone to care for someone to cry for someone that I can share my thoughts with someone I no that loves me just as much as I love them but sadly that someone has never been their.

The author's comments:
i worked really hard on this piece but at the same time as i was working on it i felt as if i was zoned out and just writting at a free flow pace

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