December 18, 2008
By Sarah Mead, Rochester, MI

Walking away becomes a challenge
A straight line away
Becomes a quick circle back

The wind blows hard
Taking you away

Sitting on the side lines
Holding my chest
My heart ripped into two

As you run off with another girl
The pain flows up
Then pours out
Tears hitting the floor

My face flooded with tears
What am I suppose to do?

I scream
I whisper
I say it to your face

But you still don’t hear the words
The words that come out of my mouth

They scream inside of me
Then at you in anger

I love you

Yet you don’t hear
You don’t answer
You just think it’s all a joke

When the words I speak
Are all true…

A straight line away
Becomes a quick circle back

The author's comments:
This was made a while back. About a mouth or two from December 2008. Life can be hard and upsetting at times. I got my words out on paper and now I enjoy the emotion and love I put into this poem. It might not be a strong poem to other people, but it means so much to me.

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