From Eunice to A'ongonte

December 17, 2008
By Dinusha Bandaranayake, Kenner, LA

My name is Eunice and I am ten years old.
My name is A’ongonte and I am sixteen years old.
I was born on September 17, 1696
I was reborn on February 29, 1704
I live in Deerfield , Massachusetts .
I live in Montreal .
I have lived in Deerfield all my life.
I have lived in Montreal for six years.
I never plan to leave Deerfield .
I never plan to go back to Deerfield .
I am one of seven.
I am one of five; my two youngest siblings were killed in an Indian attack.
I am a Puritan.
I converted to Catholicism.
I am the daughter of a Puritan minister.
I am the wife of a Catholic Indian.
I only speak English.
I am trilingual: I speak French, Mohican, and English.
My name will be A’ongonte.
My name was Eunice.

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