December 17, 2008
Here goes nothing,
I loved the way your buggy eyes twitch when something frustrates you.
I loved it when you do your stupid baby voice in attempts of being somewhat cute.
I loved it when you held me close, and kissed me so hard I felt like i was going to melt into your arms, and nothing could have ever broken that mold.
I loved it when you laugh at your own jokes, even though they clearly weren't funny.
I loved the way you smiled out of the side of your mouth.
I loved how you used to want to buy me the world.
I loved how you would do absolutely anything for me.
I loved how you loved me.
I loved how you needed me.
I loved how you held me.
I loved how you kissed me.
I loved how you played guitar hero till 3 in the morning.
I loved how you'd buy me sour skittles because they're my favorite.
I loved how you'd sing only one to me on guitar.
I loved how you wanted my hand forever to hold.
I loved when you were mine.

I hate how you attack me with cruel words
I hate how you don't love me anymore.
I hate how you think I'm some annoying little girl.
I hate how you deny that you ever loved me.
I hate how you hardly talk to me.
I hate how you constantly make fun of me
I hate how you punch me in public
I hate how you're not mine.

And when I wake up from this nightmare,
Maybe I'll be able to see that half buggy eyed smile,
Looking back at me


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